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Our philosophy is to supply the very best of local produce. Coupled with a genuinely warm and friendly service. Knowing where our meat and produce comes from ensures that we are able to vouch for the quality and wholesomeness of our goods.

Reducing the food miles which our produce travels, thus helping the environment, and ensuring that you can enjoy the very best of locally available food.

With easy free parking outside the shop it is well worth a visit if you are looking for fresh local produce served by experienced butchers with a friendly service.

We look forward to being of service.

Lashfords Sausages Lashfords Sausages

Lashfords have won over 120 awards for sausage during the last 20-years.

Recent awards include:

  • Tastiest specialty sausage at the Heart of England Fine Foods
  • Pork Mustard & Honey - Birmingham & Black Country

Lashfords are proud to have supplied:-

  • The Royal Family
  • The then Prime Minster John Major at No. 10 Downing Street

Gluten Free Traditional Pork Sausages:-

  • Please order in advance minimum order 2lb or 1KG

Traditional ready to eat pies:-

Pork & Stilton | Pork & Apple | Turkey & Ham

Fresh Fish

Thursday between 9.00 and 1.00 we have fresh fish from Tudor Sea Foods.

Green Grocer

M P Honnor also offers a good seasonal range of fruit and vegetables mostly from local suppliers.

Fresh Ideas

For customers looking for something different M.P. Honnor Butchers are contantly on the look out for innovative ideas...

Gourmet ideas...

Examples From Our Gourmet Range

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev

Something Different

Garlic Chicken Kiev Seasoned minced chicken coated in bacon breadcrumbs with butter garlic and parsley stuffing. Cooking 20-mins in the oven.

Chicken Kebabs

Chicken Kebabs

Caribbean Treat

Fresh chicken fillet in our homemade secret recipe special jerk chicken sauce. Cooking 20-mins in the oven

beef silverside with garlic stuffing

Beef Stir Fry

Wok Time!

Fresh beef fillet lemon ginger ready to cook. A chance to get your wok out!

Chilli Con Carne Bakes

Chilli Con Carne Bakes

For those that like it hot!

Lean seasoned minced beef with chilli sauce and cheddar cheese. Cooking 20 to 25-mins in the oven.

Help Available

Please Call...

Can't See What You Are Looking For?

Please either call in or give us a call 01564 822 595.

The website showcases a many items but is not an exhaustive list.


Fresh meat arries daily, you can be assured our meat is carefully selected from trusted suppliers who M P Honnor have dealt with for many years.


Three Bird Roasts are one of M P Honnor's specialities. Turkey Duck Pheasant is one option but each order is prepared individually if it is in season we can prepare whatever you request.


Gourmet to go is a new range of ever changing dishes which everything is done for you except cook.


Entertaining and not sure what to offer your guests? Please call in for expert help and advice.


When the weather is right who does not love a good barbecue? Here at M P Honnor you can be sure of a great selection.


Catering Dept.

Here at M.P. Honnor's we are proud of our catering department which runs to exactly the same high standards as the retail side.

Residential Nursing Homes and Restaurants are our speciality stretching back over 35-years.

Customers can rely upon us to provide top quality meat to cater for all diets and portion sizes at very competitive prices.

Deliveries can be as frequent as 3-times per week.

For more information please telephone 01564 822 595 or out of shop hours use our contact form.